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Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins first started working for CATCH back in 2009 as a staff accountant and branched out into helping CATCH’s Director of Real Estate at the time, Mike Reed, with managing the apartments owned and managed by CATCH. She found herself enjoying that role more and more, but ended up leaving to raise her kids. After eleven years, she’s back and this time working for the management team at Alliance Asset Management! She started working part-time in March 2020 as the Administrative Assistant, went full-time as the Office Specialist in July 2020, and is now helping manage the maintenance team as well as tenant accounts as the Office Manager.

Prior to working at CATCH, Jennifer worked in many fields, usually in a role as an office manager. She worked for many years as the office manager at The Eye Center of Concord and also at Big Jim’s in Concord for 7 years.

In a given week, you can find Jennifer doing just about anything from posting checks to onsite meeting with vendors. She’s responsible for tenant ledgers and making sure rent gets paid and housing checks are applied to accounts. One new part of her role is scheduling the maintenance team projects and assigning daily work orders to the maintenance staff. The COVID-19 pandemic made it hard to get the maintenance done that tenants needed as we went to emergency work orders only. At this point (November 2021) we are still catching up day by day. We unfortunately had to stop some of the regular maintenance programs we had in place, which has made it harder to get into some apartments for monthly inspections.

This winter, Jennifer’s goal is to get into each of the properties and work on the overall upkeep. We also have a new property coming online, Rosemary’s Way, which will add 42 new apartments and a new dimension to the maintenance staff to have a brand-new property. Her goal is to get every property looking their best!

When asked about her favorite part of her job, Jennifer says she loves hearing from the tenants when they are happy with the work that was performed and their questions have been answered. She loves working with tenants with any issues in their units or setting up payment arrangements.

Thank you for all you do to help our residents and keep our properties looking great, Jennifer! It’s great to have you back!


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