About HOMEteam

HOMEteam was created in 2015 in partnership between two New Hampshire award-winning non-profit enterprises, CATCH Neighborhood Housing http://www.catchhousing.org  and Manchester Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. d/b/a NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire http://nwsnh.org/. The organization was established to enable new members to join HOMEteam as the collaborative grows across the state. 














In 2014, the Laconia Area Community Land Trust http://laclt.org joined the HOMEteam collaborative. Today, HOMEteam is governed by a board of directors comprised of the Executive Directors and Board Chairs from the three respective member organizations. The other director position is filled by a neutral third party, the Executive Director of AHEAD, Inc., http://www.homesahead.org a HUD certified agency and NeighborWorks® affiliate who is intimately familiar with the work being conducted by HOMEteam. 

Under the direction of Robert Tourigny, NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire’s Executive Director and in consultation with Rosemary Heard, President of CATCH Neighborhood Housing, as well as Carmen Lorentz, Executive Director of Lakes Region Community Developers, daily management of HOMEteam is overseen by Paul McLaughlin, HomeOwnership Manager of NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire.  This includes staff management, program delivery and scheduling, reporting and related responsibilities.

Primary reasons for the creation of HOMEteam were:


  • Expansion of staff capacity for delivery of program offerings

  • Seamless point of entry for clients regardless of geographic region

  • Presentation of a branded image that appeals to a wider audience and conveys the benefits of education and housing counseling

  • Expansion of the profile as a result of uniform branding

  • Elimination of duplicated schedules in seminar/workshop delivery

  • Ability to leverage increased funding to support homeownership counseling services

HOMEteam is designed to provide better program delivery for clients and increased efficiencies of operations that will strengthen NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire, CATCH Neighborhood Housing, Lakes Region Community Developers, as well as future members of the HOMEteam collaborative.

CATCH Neighborhood Housing, NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire, and Lakes Region Community Developers all have strong histories of delivering quality pre and post-purchase education programs, and the HOMEteam collaboration between the three organizations has helped to strengthen the depth of homeownership programs for all three organizations, as well as resource sharing (financial and staff).  It has also provided a seamless point of entry for homeownership education and counseling services to approximately 69% of the population of the state of New Hampshire who reside in Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack or a portion of Rockingham Counties[1].  Participants are able to choose to attend a group education seminar held at one of our four current physical branches (Concord, Laconia, Manchester or Nashua).  Upon completion of a group education program participants are eligible to receive free one-on-one counseling. Similarly, one-on-one counseling can take place at any of the four branches.  HOMEteam staff members have a presence at branch locations on a coordinated schedule. 

The HOMEteam collaboration has changed the manner in which CATCH Neighborhood Housing, NeighborWorks® Southern New Hampshire and Lakes Region Community Developers approach and deliver home ownership services from staffing, program planning, service delivery, fundraising, and marketing. We believe that residents of New Hampshire are being better served, as all three organizations are now unified in delivering homeownership services.  The scheduling of seminars and workshops is unified so that no seminar or workshop is held on the same day or evening in the respective communities; hence, a wider calendar is being offered to more New Hampshire residents.


[1] Combined population of 913,281 as of the 2014 US Census.