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Through our Resident Services Program we seek to engage in all manners and levels of assistance in order to coordinate services for the benefit of our vulnerable resident populations.

Research consistently shows that combining affordable housing with tenancy support services and care coordination can help those with the greatest challenges to live with stability and wellness. Growing this program will contribute to the long-term success of CATCH, our 700+ residents, and the overall health of low to moderate income residents in New Hampshire. 

Benefits to Residents

  • Liaison between residents and our medical community and social service agencies

  • Identifying and coordinating financial assistance that prevents evictions and increases family stability 

  • Assisting residents with lease compliance

  • Resident engagement and leadership

Who We Help

  • Individuals with physical and mental health issues

  • Residents or family members dealing with substance misuse matters

  • Victims of senior or domestic abuse

  • New Americans assimilating into the community

  • Families facing generational issues (i.e. grandparents as surrogate parents) 


Benefits to Communities

  • More seniors feeling safe and having the ability to age in place

  • Sufficient financial capabilities education to ensure residents are financially independent

  • Connecting residents with much-needed physical and mental health resources tailored to their unique needs in order to maintain healthy lifestyles

  • Children’s ability to thrive in school and socially through providing stable housing

PATHS Program

In the Fall of 2017, CATCH and the Concord Regional Visiting Nurses Association (now Granite VNA) launched a pilot program called Positive Aging Through Home Supports (PATHS). PATHS is currently being offered at Friedman Court II, CATCH's senior living facility, and uses a team-based approach that includes a health educator, wellness nurse, and Resident Services Coordinator to support participants by helping them remain safe and healthy in their homes. 

With a resident’s consent, this program offers in-person assessments with a Wellness Nurse, a customized healthy living plan, and a team-based approach to support participants in their homes and help them meet their goals, all at no cost to the resident or their insurance. Direct communication and planning with members of the health system are available if participants need additional support.


Examples of how PATHS may support a participant include:

• Creating a plan that starts with small, realistic goals 
• Help in identifying ways to be successful in following recommended nutritional goals such as establishing and following a low-sodium diet
• Reviewing and implementing doctor recommendations 
• Connecting participants to community resources that may be helpful in achieving goals
• Coaching them in being an active participant in their medical care

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