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CATCH Neighborhood Housing has over 30 years of creating safe, affordable, quality housing in Merrimack County, New Hampshire. Our portfolio of 379 units of housing includes renovated apartments and new buildings:

  • Bow Highlands I

  • Bow Highlands II 

  • East Side Village 

  • Eastern Ave Apartments

  • Endicott Hotel

  • Franklin Light & Power

  • Friedman Court I

  • Friedman Court II

  • Mennino Place

  • Perley Place

  • Rosemary's Way

  • South End 2000 

  • Union Street

  • Willow Crossing 

We believe that creating housing for our workforce strengthens our communities and stronger communities support the underlying ecosystem which is good for local businesses, trade, and job creation.

Our vision began with affordable housing for income qualified individuals and families but has grown to further enhance the lives of the individuals and families who we serve. CATCH provides resident services that encompass collaboration with many different partners to empower our residents and connect them to services throughout our communities including healthcare, mental health services, transportation, food and nutrition resources, and other supports.

A few examples of CATCH communities: 

bow highlands.jpg
Willow Crossing pic.JPG


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