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Staff Spotlight: Jackie Oliveira

Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our newest staff members, Jackie Oliveira, who is our Central Portfolio Property Manager based in Concord! She has worked for CATCH and Alliance for four months. She was very interested in working with a non-profit and tax credit communities, and she found both with Alliance.

Prior to finding this position at Alliance, Jackie lived in Washington State where she spent the last several years managing Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties. She started as a leasing agent and found a passion for working with residents and the detailed process of the compliance paperwork.

Jackie enjoys the variety of her position.

“An exciting part of being a Property Manager is that your responsibilities and tasks change every day!” she says. “One day I am speaking with residents asking for their opinions on how we can make improvements to the properties, and the next day I am completing housing inspections and file audits.”

One task that does stay the same each week is completing invoices for all of our properties and resident communication.

“I am so lucky to have such a great team where we all have the same drive and a resident-centered focus!” Jackie says.

While Jackie has only been here a few months, her role has certainly been affected by the pandemic.

“It has definitely been a challenge not being able to just go and chat with our residents and see how they are handling the pandemic” she says. “What I appreciate so much about Alliance/CATCH is that we actually have been able to provide some resources for residents that have been affected throughout the pandemic which has made my job really rewarding.”

Her next challenge is going to be the lease-up of 42 new apartments at CATCH’s newest property, Rosemary’s Way! Jackie manages all of the Central Portfolio properties, which includes the Concord/Penacook area. Alliance is not in the lease-up process just yet, but the team is accepting applicants’ names and putting them on a waitlist for when everything is ready. If you know someone interested in applying for this property, please give Alliance a call at 603-223-0810!

Jackie shared one of her recent joys on the job, saying, “I recently had one of my resident’s significant other pass away and they no longer qualified for their apartment and also couldn’t live on a top floor apartment alone. I worked closely with their family to figure out finances and a ground floor option. That resident is now transferring to a ground floor apartment where they income-qualify. Hearing from that resident and their family about how appreciative and excited they are is why I chose this as my career. It makes everything worth it. I cannot put into words how rewarding it is to be able to help someone find a home that works for them!”

Thanks for everything you do Jackie!


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