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CATCHing Up with the Board: Ken Koornneef

Today we would like to introduce another of our fantastic Board of Directors! Meet the Vice Chair of our Board, Ken Koornneef, P.E., President and CEO of the Nobis Group.

Giving back to the community has always been a key part of the DNA at Nobis Group, and it's a part of Ken Koornneef's DNA, too.

As evidenced by the photo at right, Ken has been volunteering with CATCH Neighborhood Housing for well over a decade, and managed to recruit his kids to help, too. When CATCH had on-site work days, often called Community Day, there was always a good contingency of the Nobis team there to help.

Nobis has been a financial contributor to many CATCH initiatives including many CATCH Comedy Nights and the new CATCH office building located at 105 Loudon Road. But more than financial support, Nobis pays their team members up to 24 hours a year to go out and do community service.

“We really try to walk the talk,” says Ken of Nobis’ support of its employees.

Regarding his own support of the community, Ken has been a member of the CATCH Board of Directors since September 2014.

“I feel that my expertise as a civil engineer who understands development and construction has been a valuable contribution to the work of both CATCH and now IDA,” he says. “I also bring the experience of having developed and now owning two Nobis office buildings in Concord, NH and Lowell, MA. The Lowell office building involved many of the same fairly complicated federal and historic tax credit funding that CATCH often will utilize for their projects.”

Regarding Nobis’ work for CATCH, Ken says, “CATCH has been a long-time valued client where we have been able to provide civil, geotechnical, and/or environmental engineering services on many of their development projects. When we get to work on CATCH projects, our team of employee owners take great pride and feel that they get to be a part of the CATCH mission of providing a home for everyone in the Concord area.”

In addition to his work with CATCH, Ken is active in his local church and serves on the board of the Capital Regional Development Council, and recently finished a six-year term on the board of the NH Center for Nonprofits.


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