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Concord Regional VNA and CATCH Partner for New Program

Concord Regional VNA and CATCH Neighborhood Housing have partnered to offer a new program called Positive Aging Through Home Supports (PATHS) for residents of Friedman Court II. The program uses a team-based approach that includes a health educator, wellness nurse, and resident service provider to support participants by helping them remain safe and healthy in their homes.

“As we prepare to care for New Hampshire’s aging population it is important to be creative in how we deliver care and support,” said Keliane Totten, M.Ed., MCHES, Vice President of Community Engagement at Concord Regional VNA. "This program is an opportunity to serve a concentrated group of adults and work collaboratively to keep them at home, in their community. We have studied numerous national models and created PATHS to reflect the needs of our service area.”

With a resident’s consent, this program offers in-person assessments with a Concord Regional VNA Wellness Nurse, a customized healthy living plan, and a team-based approach to support participants in their homes and help them meet their goals. Direct communication and planning with members of the health system are available if participants need additional support.

Examples of how PATHS may support a participant: • Create a plan that starts with small, realistic goals • Help identify ways to be successful in following recommended nutritional goals such as establishing and following a low-sodium diet • Review and implement doctor recommendations • Connect them to community resources that may be helpful in achieving goals • Coach them in being an active participant in their medical care

“We are delighted to be a partner in this groundbreaking pilot initiative," said Rosemary M. Heard, President and CEO at CATCH Neighborhood Housing. “PATHS further solidifies the importance of the connection between health and housing and we are hopeful that this transformative program can be replicated throughout the state.”

PATHS is offered as a part of Concord Regional VNA and CATCH community benefit programming so there is no charge to participants or to their insurance. For more information about the PATHS program, call (603) 230-5673.

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