Staff Spotlight: Brooke Noonan

As newlyweds, my husband and I aspired to achieve homeownership like many of our peers and soon discovered how overwhelming the process could be. That was the beginning of my nearly 18-year history with CATCH Neighborhood Housing! We successfully completed the homebuyer education course and bought our first home. As years passed, we continued to be happy alumni and spread the word about the good work CATCH was doing to bring affordable housing to the Greater Concord area. Like many young families we had our ups and downs and after a traumatic accident that left my husband unable to work for a couple of years; we lost our home. But, once again, CATCH was there to offer us counseling and guida

CATCHing Up with the Board: Cary Gladstone

The first time I heard the term “continuum of care” applied to housing, it was in the context of helping people experiencing homelessness. The “continuum” describes people going from living on the street to staying with friends to getting into an apartment. This last stage is described as “permanently housed” but to those of us who work with low- and even moderate-income people, that is a misnomer. We know that one job loss, major medical bill, or other setback can leave people vulnerable to losing their so-called “permanent” housing. On the other hand, those who have housing-sustaining employment and are able to manage their finances well can put themselves in a position to move up the cont

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